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Retirement Income Planning

Retiring with certainty and with the least amount of risk and taxes should be a focus of retirees. Allow my firm to design a predictable retirement income plan while minimizing income taxes during your retirement years.

Social Security Maximization Planning should not be taken lightly because your decision on when and how you take social security could make a difference of thousands of dollars throughout your retirement. To ensure you receive the maximum benefits available to you, you’ll need to consider these factors:

  • How to decide the best time to apply?
  • How much income you can expect to receive?
  • How to minimize taxes?
  • How to coordinate benefits with your spouse?
  • How working can affect your benefits?

With some basic information from you, we can generate a customized report designed to help you make the best decision possible for when you should begin receiving Social Security benefits.

Retiring with certainty with predictable income planning allows a retiree to comfortably live off of ones assets during retirement without the fear of running out of money. A blend of stocks and bonds is not a guaranteed plan of income to provide for one’s retirement. Only a guaranteed source of income can be generated from an annuity such as an income rider that provides a guaranteed paycheck for life. A guaranteed income plan will help solve the problem of longevity which is the greatest risk on one’s retirement plan. Longevity is a multiplier of all the other risks, so it’s a must to take this risk off the table. Your retirement income plan should provide for your basic living expenses from a guaranteed source of income. Once this part of your retirement income is provided for the balance of your portfolio can be optimized with inflation in mind, in other words swing for the fence if you so choose to.

Lifetime Income Annuities come in different designs; however, a Fixed Indexed Annuity allows your money to go one way and that is up. If we knew how long we would live and how the economy would perform in the future, planning for retirement would be no sweat. But since no one knows exactly what will happen, a balanced portfolio is the  best way to be ready for the financial side of retirement.

For many in retirement it may last for decades, and you cannot count on a predictable stock market or economy over all of that time.

So what’s someone planning for retirement to do? Diversify your portfolio to balance risk and growth. That includes protecting some of your money from the steep downsides of a volatile stock market. Of course, you can find risk protection in a CD, savings account, and the like. But, at current interest rates, your money won’t have much chance to grow. That’s why many planning for retirement are choosing Indexed Annuities. With all basic fixed indexed annuity products, your principal can never decline, but it can gow with a rising index. And because they are insurance products, Indexed Annuities can offer a guaranteed income for your lifetime. Imagine not having to worry about outliving your money!

Many retirees say that Indexed Annuities give them confidence that they lost, along with much of their nest egg during the volatile markets of 2008 and 2009. That alone makes them worth a look. Feel free to view the videos on Fixed Indexed Annuities.

Tax-Free Income Planning creates cash flow both before and primarily during retirement to increase net spendable income. There are three distinct income distribution buckets for accumulating and distributing wealth. They are qualified plans with distributions taxed at ordinary income tax rates, then non-qualified plans such as personal mutual funds and real estate that distributes income above one’s basis at capital gains rates and then you have the tax free income bucket such as Roth IRA’s and Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance. Maximizing the tax-free income bucket helps to increase cash flow during retirement because it does not affect the taxation of your social security income benefits which can be taxed up to 85%. Call or fill out the input below if you would like a free consultation on how to increase your net spendable income during retirement with tax-advantaged cash flow.


Annuities are best suited for long term investors. Withdrawals from an annuity may have tax consequences, and/or an additional tax penalty if taken before age 59 1/2. Guarantees are provided by the claims-paying ability of the underlying insurance company. Surrender Schedules may apply.

Fixed Indexed Annuities, while tied to a certain stock market index are not invested in the stock market. Certain features, such as caps or participation rates may apply.

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